Bangkok Cuisine

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Founded in 1983, Bangkok Cuisine introduces diners to the mysteries, delights, and taste thrills of Thai cooking. Whether you are a long-time Thai food lover or this is your first visit, tell us what you like, and we will make suggestions and then prepare dishes to suit your taste. Thai cuisine stimulates your five taste senses: sweet, sour, hot, salty, and neutral.

These flavors bring together ingredients native to Southeast Asia and blend them in the ancient culinary traditions of Thailand's neighbors, India and China. The fiery qualities of Thai food are well known, but you can also select mild and subtle Thai dishes and soft rice noodle dishes that are satisfying, healthy, and nutritious.

Flavorful soups are a necessary accompaniment to any Thai meal. Appetizers can be selected to complement and set the stage for the main dishes. And a cool and simple conclusion to your meal is our house-made Thai coconut ice cream, which is refreshing after eating dishes that awakened your taste buds.